Toyota Hilux expedition vehicle .mp4

Toyota Hilux trafiła do nas w Lipcu 2010 na montaż konsoli dachowej firmy Outback Interior 4WD. W dniu kręcenia tego video poczyniliśmy szereg modyfikacji mających na celu przygotowanie auta do aktywnej turystyki off road. Właścicielowi zależało na przygotowaniu auta do jazdy w warunkach terenowych ale również na poprawie właściwości jezdnych auta na drogach utwardzonych. Samochód Read more about Toyota Hilux expedition vehicle .mp4[…]

Punk Scientology

In 1983, a straight-laced college student questions his punk rock sister’s allegiance to her band’s Scientology-obsessed lead singer. Created for “Intermediate Production” class at Dodge College, Chapman University. Music by Attack of The Leeches ( Disclaimer: This project is in no way affiliated with The Church of Scientology. Likes: 1 Viewed: 210 source Facebook Comments

BILLY’S BAND – Пробитая Шина | видео

Новое видео на вторую песню с альбома “Когда Был Один” было снято самими музыкантами в ходе недавней автомобильной прогулки в районе Лисьего Носа. В съемках был задействован американский автомобиль Dodge Charger 1967 года выпуска. Женскую роль исполнила петербуржская джазовая певица Юлия Михайловская. Likes: 1 Viewed: 3052 source Facebook Comments

Red Bull X-Alps 2013 Day 3 Llegada al 4 point Zugspitze!!!

It’s day three of the Red Bull X-Alps and the race is wide open with teams spread out over 200km across the German and Austrian Alps. It’s been a day of mixed fortunes for the athletes as they battled to dodge afternoon thunderstorms that made flying all but impossible Likes: 1 Viewed: 647 Read more about Red Bull X-Alps 2013 Day 3 Llegada al 4 point Zugspitze!!![…]

Gloss-it- From A to Z, The Art Of Detailing!

This Theatrical-style trailer from Gloss It showcases the art of detailing & paint correction on the dodge viper a notorious American muscle car. Gloss-it provides a comprehensive tutorial demonstrating our world class detailing products, which provide the ultimate vehicle enhancement & protection. Likes: 1 Viewed: 191 source Facebook Comments